Gorgui V2 (with removable handle)

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The changes have been made in order to improve balance, performance and operational life of the materials used

Gorgui V.2 has a central head of aluminium alloy, which presents different functions that can be substitutable


The new Mc Leod has been designed with a larger working surface and a greater height to have more pulling capacity. This improvement is essential in respect to Gorgui 1, as now there is no any interaction between the functions of the Mc Leod and the hoe, like in the previous model

Mc Leod is much more clearly-defined as an individual tool in Gorgui V.2


Pulaski hoe, designed for more organic soil, features a greater cutting surface, but the most important change here is the new balance. Due to the new aluminium head the weight is balanced much better, especially at the moment you have to apply a centred force when cutting or digging


Pulaski part, designed for stony and rooty areas, features a new angle of attack

Unlike the version 1, we now have an inclination angle of 6º and a new balance, which improve cutting and digging work


Rake part has now got stronger cutting blades

You can see the new design and all the clearly-defined functions presented together in one level


The last new feature is the handle. We have taken the ergonomic design of the USFS McLeod varying the diameter of the handle according to the section

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