Fire Backpack with Handpump

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Cordura backpack equipped with flexible inner tank with interchangeable canvas. Dual-piston manual pump. Ergonomic padded fixing harnesses and belts. The pocket and the belt for accessories feature the Alice-clip system. Upper handles to make load carrying easier. Fixing straps for the chest. Fixing straps for the pump and hand tools in the back


This backpack`s capacity is 19 litres. Inner tank made of PVC. Thermo-welded canvas. Plug protected against deformation and reinforced filter. Output metal valve with 360 degrees system. In red and black colour. Manufacturer: Vallfirest S.L


Quickly-charged hand pump for pond or river, which can be transported in the back pocket due to its small size. 8 litres per minute performance. The backpack is ready for work only in 2 minutes without getting wet when put into the pond or river

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