Air Emergency Equipment

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This equipment can be used either in combination with VF Extreme Shelter, inside the vehicles, when performing self-protection maneuvers, or outside, helping to prevent breathing in large quantity of smoke at some precise moments of fire. The second phase works on demand. The equipment was dimensioned keeping in mind the minimal time necessary in the extreme situation. You are guaranteed 4 minutes of air in case you are trapped (in fetal position inside the Vf Extreme Shelter)


New: System provided with regulator and the second phase in the hose of 1  meter which allows you to have your hands free during its use



  • Pressure controller integrated into the regulator
  • Case made of cordura with Alice Clips
  • Nose clamp
  • Charging adaptors for a bottle and a compressor
  • Regular checks and tests according to UNE EN 1802 MIE AP 18
  • Annual visual check and inspection of the valve
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